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This site is full of suggestions for how you can get more out of the 2010 World Cup, by experiencing food, drink, music etc from all the countries involved.

How much you join in is up to you, but please use the comments area on each page to suggest things we've missed and keep us updated with how you got on.

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Torta Dolceitalia added to Italy (18/05/10)

Pavlova recipe on Australia duplicated on New Zealand to avoid starting a war! (11/05/2010)

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Frank Sidebottom - 3 shirts on my line added to England (20/06/2010)

The Skatoons - The World Cup's Waiting for you added to England (12/06/2010)

Gideon Conn & Clint Boon - Get Your Hopes Up (Win, Win, Win) added to England (07/06/2010)

Nephew - The Danish Way To Rock - Unofficial 2010 Danish anthem - added to Denmark (05/06/2010)

North Korea have a die-hard travelling fan - Bryan Clark from Portsmouth (15/06/2010)

South Africans no longer proud to be hosts after France-Uruguay added to both (12/06/2010)

FIFA's threat to Mexico's potty-mouthed manager added to Mexico (11/06/2010)

North Korean 'Rooney' promises goal a game added to North Korea (05/06/2010)

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